The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Gibraltar



The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Gibraltar is dependent on adults to ensure its success. There are many roles which adults play which are critical to ensure that young people make the most of, and enjoy, their Award activities.

Adults would undergo some training, provided by the Award, to enable them to act as either, Award Leaders, co-ordinators, or assessors. There is no requirement for adults wishing to become involved to have had any prior involvement with the Award.

Adults, who are expected to adhere to a volunteer code of conduct, can volunteer their time to the extent to which they are willing to commit to. There are a number of benefits in volunteering with the Award but, the one that motivates many of the current volunteers is helping young people achieve things they did not think they were capable of and, seeing their subsequent looks of satisfaction.

To get involved as a volunteer contact the National Director, Michael Pizzarello at